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April 23, 2009
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Kiss Sleeping Beauty + Phillip by lizzzy-art Kiss Sleeping Beauty + Phillip by lizzzy-art
Important ! : This is just a sketch ! I will make it into a lineart as soon as possible ;)

- Awakened by a kiss of true love :heart: -
lovely classic couple that simply couldn't be left out =D

I really hope you like this, cause execptionally I'm actually quite happy with the border. I love roses and their smell :aww: but drawing them was an absolute *BEEP* XD

Yah it's allready the 12th piece in the Kiss Series and it's still on going! :D I'll take any suggestions of other couples :aww:
I'm serious, I have no clue which one to do next :aww:

I must say I'm amazingly flattered by the amazing amount of linearts that have been coloured by my DA friends allready!!! Thank you so much for this gesture!!!!! :hug: :heart: :cuddle: :hug:

If you do colour this piece, please give credit for the lineart and send me a note or something, so I can check out what you did :D

Lineart: [link]

reference --> screenshot animation feature Sleeping Beauty

characters © walt disney studios

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Opal-I Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2009
OMG! I LOVE IT!!! It's so gorgeous! So much so that I'm not waiting for the lineART to colour it! I've already started it :D I should have it finished in the next couple of days, I'll let you know when I'm done :heart:
lizzzy-art Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009
WOW !!! This is an amazing compliment ! :heart: Thank you so much !!!
I am sooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to it !!!! :D :w00t: :boogie: :D
can't wait !!!! :hug:
Snow-White-Princess Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
absolutely amazing! i love it! :)
lizzzy-art Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009
Thank you so much !!! :hug:
merryjayne Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
the border is breathtaking!! :clap: I agree about drawing them: roses take so much patience and attention to detail!
lizzzy-art Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009
Thanks MJ :aww: Seeing as you too know how hard it is to draw roses, I really appreciate this compliment :hug:
Torenganger Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
another really beautiful one :D I love the border! :love: but it will be hell to color it :XD:

I can't wait for the lineart! :D

btw I'm thinking of other disney couples... ;)

peter pan and wendy aren't really togehter are they?
robin hood and maid marian? (but I don't know if you do furies :D)

well I'll keep thinking :P
lizzzy-art Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009
Thank you so much :hug: :cuddle: I'm so glad you like it !!! :w00t:
You'll do just fine with the coloring I'm sure !!! :D
I love the Wendy and Peter idea and Robin Hood with Maid Marian and I'm open to furries. Oh no that makes the list of choices even longer ^^;
anyways, thank you for being so involved :hug:
I'll start the lineart as soon as possible, but there's a huge of pile of homework in front of me that has to be dealt with first :XD:
Torenganger Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
off course ;) home work comes first :D I've got a huge pile of my own ^^; and it's becoming quite hard to finish everything in time :(

but that doesn't keep me from dA :D

hmm... lets make the list just a little longer :D I've been thinking ;) just to give you some more ideas, it's noting you MUST do ;)

nani and david
taran and eilonwy
mowgli and shanti (I'm not sure if they are a couple... never seen jungle book 2 :D)
captain amelia and that dog person :XD:
Mr and Mrs Incredible

and that must be like it :D I'm not sure if there are any humans left :S but off course, I'm not into the new disney :D I don't know those really good!
lizzzy-art Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009
Sweetie, you should really read my journal =P No I'm just kidding, you don't have to do anything
These are excellent ideas !!! :D
Mowgli and Shanti are a couple in Jungle Book 2 I think, you should see it, I think you'll like it :aww:
You're right, Pixar couples !! I totally forgot about them :o
I'm really curious as to which couple you like the best and want me to draw next :D
Thank you for being so considerate hun !!! :hug:
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